My Cells Made Me Do It:
The Case for Cellular Determinism
My Cells Made Me Do It is about behaviour. Cells, all cells, behave as their environment would dictate based on the cell's available genes. Human behaviour, while a much more intricate cellular network, is no different. Our behaviour is an 'in the moment' response to percieved stimuli. The perception of past stimuli, experience,  creates the neuronal network for which present stimuli act. How we respond in any given moment is a matter of how our cells respond to the current conditions. If you've wondered why you did something, the condition and environment of your cells determined your decision.
My Cells Made Me Do It takes a biological look at behavior from the perspective of cellular responses to the cell's environment; both micro and macro. The book brings forth several fascinating scientific principles and studies, ranging from bacterial cell behavior, the development of nuerons, genetic influences on development and behavior, and human brain development and its role in behavior.  Having established a biological basis for behavior the book looks for the presence of free-will.

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